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Welcome to my website, thanks for visiting. My name's Amy and I am the person behind Little Webb Photography. I started this business as a way to concentrate on something outside of work, something I am passionate about and it seems to be growing which is very exciting for me. My other job is a nurse, I work in critical care areas like Intensive care and Emergency, hence the need for an outlet like photography.

As far as my photography goes I love capturing natural and laid back moments whether it be parents with a baby, a wedding, party or just with a model. I enjoy traveling and capturing landscapes as well. 

More recently I have been building a relationship with a professional printing lab which will hopefully fill up my online shop pretty quickly, more so for learning and experimentation than earning big dollars. Sales from my website and shoots I do will go towards upgrading my camera to a more professional version and getting some lighting gear to help with on location shoots.

I aim to keep those following along at home up to date with a bit of a blog with what projects I've got coming up and then the finished products. If you love any of my photos and would like it on your wall at home please let me know. 

Cheers to the beginning of something great and new.