C&D Geelong Wedding

Well here it is...my first wedding gallery.

Firstly, I'm not shy about the fact that I'm a one women show, I'm building a new business and this was my first wedding on my own. I'm not about to make out there's all these people that work in my 'team' or that I am so much more experienced than I am. I want to be able to show the real deal and for my progression to be a truthful one. Now that I have gotten that out of the way I can tell you about this wonderful wedding and how it came to be. 

Very good friends of mine from school, C&D are casual and beautiful people so I knew I wasn't going to have any issues getting some great shots of them. I was pretty nervous though, making sure I had all the gear and I wouldn't run out of battery. I employed my boyfriend for the day to be my supporter and runner and he did a great job of backing me up. I hired a 2nd camera and flash for the day which was great and tricky, having not used the camera before but I got there and it worked great. The conditions were tough too, bright sunlight on the beach for some pre wedding shots and a reveal of the bride to the groom worked well but the shadows caused some problems for me. The bride and groom were wonderful and were easily directed but also had their own ideas for shots which was great to work with. Everything worked well on the day and my 'assistant' was a life saver with fresh SD cards and batteries always lined up for me. 

After this experience I have been able to get great insight into the process, time taken and equipment needs. Editing was a huge learning curve for me and I now I'll be able to streamline the process for next time. I am so glad that the couple are happy with their shots and can't wait to see a beautiful large print up on the wall in their house and feel proud that I was the one to capture those memories for them. 

Aren't wedding just grand xxxx


Amy Webb