J&L Acheron Wedding

Well heres a cutie bunch of pictures for a lovely couple who celebrated their wedding in Acheron, Victoria. This one was a bit special because it was advertised as an engagement party but secretly all had been planned for a wedding. We spent the morning getting ready out of the deck with some bubbles before the boys came and we did a little reveal before some pre ceremony pictures. J then got changed into a lace 'cocktail' style dress and left the wedding gown out the back for the surprise. Guests arrived and the food truck and drinks van were set up. All was going well, when J slipped away and out popped a celebrant from the crowd and started us off by introducing J&L's relationship and telling us a story like she had known them for decades. J walked out wearing a beautiful flowing gown and the crowd were elated. All formalities done and dusted quickly and onto the party. Have a look at this wonderful day and check out my instagram for vendor info from the day. 

Amy Webb